We put it all together.

Providing design and consultation services had been a lingering hobby and included customizing design pieces using resale and garage sale finds.  In 2014, the hobby had evolved to not only providing generalized design services, but specializing in industrial-styled home and office accent pieces. 


With more of the family involved, the Pipe Dreams Décor family business was founded in 2015.

Pipe Dreams Décor

Ready-Made Products

Sometimes we work with a client and create a product we feel would complete the décor for a variety of lifestyles.  It is those special products that influence items we make available in our ready-made products, as well as offer at our shows and exhibits.  In addition, we can't resist coming up with ways to re-use and up-cycle unique finds from area sales and surplus sources.


Custom Projects

The materials we work with allow us the flexibility to customize installations and products to fit not only your décor and lifestyle, but spacing and layout preferences as well.


Design Services

When starting with an overall design plan is needed, we can work with you to better understand your goals and help to build the foundation for your design.

About Our Company

Hand-Crafted Products

Design Consultation Services

Specialization in Industrial-Themed Decor

What We Offer

About Materials and Product Designs

Although our preference is to re-use and re-cycle materials whenever possible, safety, stability, and functionality drive all of our material and design choices.  It is important that Pipe Dreams Décor products are safe to use and be designed and built to fit your décor and lifestyle needs for many years.


  • Materials are cleaned prior to use (many industrial materials are coated with manufacturing residue)
  • Custom finishes and colors are sealed
  • Installation and care instructions accompany products
  • We are here to answer any follow-up questions


Our projects are an expression of both our design interests and the personalities of our clients. 


We work with a variety of reclaimed and new materials to blend design styles resulting in completed projects to complement any lifestyle.